Join Dave, Franco, James, and Sam as they stumble through vaguely described RPG worlds and (try to) look good doing it. More Campaigns will be added to the network as we go!

Dave Dryden - When deciding on which setting to play, Dave burst through with a crate of Warhammer minis and rulebooks, thereby solidifying himself as our GM. When not working as a game designer, he’s often found dodging traffic to pet any dog he sees. Also, he’s painting up yet another Warhammer faction.

  • Game Master [REALMS Saga]

Jonathan Franco - Franco is firmly rooted in the Games Industry. Out and about; you might find him embracing his nerdisms with the local MTG crowd, Warhammer community or the local tavern.

  • Reedis Marrow [REALMS Saga]

James "Jimmy" McKeen - James is the proud owner of both a Golden Retriever and a Golden-Red beard. A longtime Warhammer fan - James is earning his voice acting chops for future gigs.

  • Iver [REALMS Saga]

Sam Chow - The first (or maybe second) of two clones, Sam is an incredibly capable cosplayer and handy-gal. When not putting the rest of us to shame in Overwatch - she's crafting her next set of awesome pauldrons.

  • Feryl [REALMS Saga]